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Most times if I have puppies available they will be listed here, but sometimes they sell before they make it on my site, so it's never a bad idea to email or call to see what I might have but please read through this page completely first.

All of my puppies are AKC registered, most with Champion parents or bloodlines. They come current on vaccines, deworming, vet checked focusing on hearts and patellas and all are Microchipped before leaving for their new homes. They are raised in my home and very well socialized and most times the parents are on the premises to be seen. Most all of my puppies are sold as loving companions with limited AKC registration
to insure a lifelong permanent home.
Occasionally I may let one go to an experienced show home but I prefer to know they will be in forever loved homes rather than resold or placed down the road. I work very hard at breeding the best quality, health and soundness possible because I love the breed, I want the dogs I keep in my breeding program to be the best they can be and I strive to have an excellent reputation as I have had for many years in Pomeranians.

Occasionally I may have an older retired spayed or neutered dog available to the right home. These dogs are usually 5 or more years older.


If you are interested in a puppy please
give me general discription of what you
are looking for in a puppy
(male, female, color etc.)
I have no whites available and do not
expect any soon. please read info below.

Contact info below, please do NOT text.

(phone number is a land line)

Please read all of my info on this page before inquiring.

I am currently not shipping so if you are not prepared to drive or fly into Orange County California or find someone to transport your puppy for you please do not inquire. Please give me a little info on your lifestyle (active, quiet, retired or working, children other pets etc.) and the home you have to offer my puppy. Please also include what you are looking for in a puppy (sex, color, size etc.) One line emails will not be answered. Puppies usually start at $3,000 and go up
depending on color, size & sex.

Please email for more info
click here to email me or call
(this is a land line number) 7I4-985-9270
Located in Yorba Linda, California


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